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Master Bedroom Batten Board Accent Wall Hack

This was our first project with my new power tools. It was so simple to do and made such a impact I was hooked on home projects! I decided I din't want to make this wall permanent but I wanted our room to have character. Our walls are lightly textured and so using a low sheen paint in a dark color makes them appear flat and smooth. Other walls I have seen they add batten to the walls to make them smooth and thats why you here Batten Board Walls. That's why I consider this a Hack and it saved a lot of time and money with almost the same result! Plus when I'm ready for something new I'm not pulling glued boards off my wall.



1. First measure the space. Our space has two windows so we had to calculate how to work around them and avoid outlets. Painters tape is very helpful to see where your boards will go and what the finished design will look like.

Figure out how big you want your boxes or rectangles. Once you figure out the design then calculate how many trim boards you will need. Don't forget about the trim you will need to go around the top, bottom and sides of the wall. We also used the trim around each window.

2. Once you have measured, now pick up your supplies & paint.

This is the Primed Boards we used from Home Depot also linked in the supplies. Make sure the boards you are choosing are straight.

3. Paint the wall the color you want your accent wall to be. We used Behr Paint in Graphic Charcoal. This saves a lot of time painting first! Notice in the photo we don’t go directly up against the wall, ceiling or window frames. This is because you will be covering it with wood.

4. Then Paint top & both sides of all boards. the paint dries fast so I laid them on saw horses and painted them with a mini roller. Then turned them on their sides and rolled other side and rolled.

5. Once all paint has dried, start to trim your top, sides and base using a nail gun and saw to make the cuts. Once you have trimmed the top, bottom & sides with wood boards. Trim the windows if you have any. (you can see the texture of the wall here but it's only because I have a huge light on it)

6. Using your measurements start adding the vertical boards first. Then fill in the horizontal boards last.

7. Use wood filler to go over nail holes or wood seams.

8. Last sand down and paint over nail holes and any joints that need touch up!

Can you spy a little white doggie?

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