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Entryway Shiplap Wall

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

I love how easy it is to change a space with shiplap. you can completely change the look by painting it or install them vertical. Scroll to see the different rooms I installed shiplap.

You only need a few supplies to start!



1. Find studs with stud finder.

2. Mark the wall with a pencil where the studs are.

3. Then measure the top of the wall for your first board.

4. Cut board with a Miter Saw.

5. Start at the top of your wall. Make sure first board is installed straight with a level or it will give you problems later.

6. Using Brad Nailer shoot nails where your studs are in the middle of the board. then on each end of the board.

7. Once you are at the end cut last piece to fit using a Jigsaw. Use a clamped yard stick to help you make a straight cut.

Install last board.

Fill in all holes with wood puddy and caulk the sides.

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