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Bathroom Built in Shelf

We decided after adding shiplap and vanity mirrors that our medicine cabinets had to go! Originally they worked with our guest bathroom but after we replaced the mirrors from a giant single mirror to 2 vanity mirrors it looked like a wall of 4 mirrors looking into each other. Since we had a large vanity with drawers we really didn't need the cabinet space in the medicine cabinets. So we got building and I can't wait to show you have easy it was to make! It does require a few tools, but these tools I use on almost every DIY home project so it's worth the investment. I also love my Ryobi tools from Home Depot. They are all battery operated and they all use the same battery! Game Changer!




  1. Start with removing your medicine cabinet and measuring the space. Our measurements were about 34H x 15.5W x 4D.

Here is the BEFORE picture after we took out the mirrored medicine cabinet. See how it would look like 4 mirrors looking at each other?!? The other option was to just dry wall over but I'm so glad we made shelves instead.

Select Pine (You will use this wood for shelves, top, bottom & sides. For this project we needed 2 - 6 foot boards.)

Trim (for the outside edge of your shelf)

2. Cut Pine Boards with Miter Saw:

2 - 12.5" long for top and bottom

2 - 33.25" long for sides

3. Use Nail Gun to nail all sides together to make a rectangle.

4. Drill a small hole through the long side board and into the short board where corners come together. Then screw in wood screws. Repeat on all 4 sides.

5. Then measure inside shelves and cut with mitre saw.

6. Place inside box and nail in shelves. If you feel like you need more support add wood screws like you did on the corners.

7. Measure then cut the pine plywood backing with a Jig Saw.

8. Then staple to back of shelf.

9. Using a Mitre Saw cut trim at a 90 degree angle to fit the front of the shelf. Our measure cents were about 34.75" x 15.25".

10. Stain and allow to cure.

11 Add a varnish to seal.

12. Nail to the wall and cover nails with wood filler.

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