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Cane Sideboard IKEA DIY Hack

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I've been wanting a cane sideboard but it was going to cost over $2000. So I decided to create my own and it cost under $300 for this DIY Hack! The unit is double the length shown in the photo (see last photo), but that is whats so great about this project is you can do 2,3 or 4 cabinets to work best for your own space!


1- Roll of Cane 24" Wide


Cabinet Painting:

  1. Take all wood pieces out of Ikea boxes. (my Besta bases were already assembled i think it would be easier to paint if they weren't assembled but it's up to you.)

  2. Lightly sand doors and all surfaces you want to paint with 220 grit paper.

  3. Wipe down all surfaces with tack cloth. (you don't want any dust)

  4. I also used a damp rag to go over the surfaces too.

  5. Place doors and wood on painters pyramid stands.

  6. Roll and brush primer on to all surfaces. ( you will have to go in sections so paint one side and wait 6 hours to flip over to paint the other side.) You don't need the primer to be thick it just needs a layer. Once primer is on both sides I let it cure for at least 8hrs.

  7. Lightly sand all surfaces with 220 grit. Wipe down with tack cloth.

  8. Caulk all seams with a light line of caulking then smooth over with finger and discard excess caulking. This is to make all your seams come together and seal.

  9. Paint one side of wood cabinet and doors with foam roller and brush.

  10. Wait at least 8 hours to paint the other side.

  11. Lightly sand painted surfaces with 220 grit. Wipe down with tack cloth.

  12. Paint one last coat on both sides waiting at least 6 hours before flipping over to paint other side. Allow to cure for 48 hours.

Steps 1-8

Steps 9-10

Note: I use a brush to paint around the inside joint and then roll the flat surfaces. You have to move quickly because the paint starts to level.

Steps 11-12

I let all the pieces cure for 2 days after my last coat of paint. If you follow these steps closely it will look like you sprayed it. That's what is so amazing about this self leveling paint!

Directions to adding cane to door fronts:

  1. Soak cane in the bathtub for about an hour. I like to cut the cane in sections so I can do one at a time but leaving enough room to cut it to fit my door.

  2. Once it is soaked, lay it on a flat surface to dry to get the cane to lay flat.

  3. Wait 12 hours to make sure the cane it dry.

  4. Place cane in the middle of your door frame. I used this as a guide while I cut out the shape. I also used books to hold it while I'm cutting. Cane isn't always straight so you really have to pay attention when you cut it out.

  5. Once you have your square of cane cut, squeeze the glue on half of the inside front door. Take a foam brush and brush it so its all over. You don't want it super think but enough that it doesn't start drying before you get the can laid out. (Tip you are only starting with one half of the door.

  6. Lay cane on glue (I have the unfinished side of the cane showing because I like the lighter color better).

  7. Wrap 2 books in plastic bags so you don't get glue on the books. Books should cover the area you are gluing.

  8. Once you have books in place, stack more heavy books on top and let dry for an hour.

  9. Remove books and glue the other half using directions from steps 6-8.

  10. Repeat for the next 3 doors and let dry over night.

Adding Hardware:

  1. I didn't love the shiny gold color on the furniture legs so I used rub n buff to make it more matte finish. you actually just rub it on with your finger then let dry. I let it dry over night while the cabinet drawers were also drying.

  2. Install hardware knobs and legs. I only used 6 legs to on each end and 2 in the middle were the cabinets meet. I also used 4 mending brackets to help hold the to cabinets together.

I hope you enjoyed this Ikea Hack. You can always keep things simple and not paint the cabinets. The cabinet comes in White & Black/Brown I just wanted more of a cream taupe color. If you are looking for Cane the easiest way is to find it at your local upholstery shop. It comes in a roll and cut by the foot.

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Sep 11, 2023

Will this work on a cabinet door that doesnt have a flat front?


Nov 13, 2021

How did you attach the legs in the middle? Does it attach to both cabinets?

Sarah Owens
Sarah Owens
Nov 13, 2021
Replying to

Yes I just screwed them into both cabinets


Aug 20, 2021

I have the exact same question as stephaniemariemotes!

Sarah Owens
Sarah Owens
Aug 20, 2021
Replying to

Hello, I purchased the cane at a upholstery store but I think you can also order it online if you google it. it’s been a while but when searching for it a local store popped up and so I was able to just pick it up.


Jul 16, 2021

Hey! Love this! I’m going to try it tomorrow. Where did you order your cane from? Or did you pick it up at an upholstery store? Also how many feet of it did you need to buy?

Sarah Owens
Sarah Owens
Aug 20, 2021
Replying to

For the feet I used 6 feet total.

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